Poem: Man’s Triumphant Rampage

Man’s triumphant rampage,
started long ago
and spanned a speck of time,
a grain in a stream’s flow.

We started simple,
like monkeys in a cave
and started to develop,
until the elements, we braved.

We started to build
simple tools and homes,
We learnt to cultivate
the rich river loams.

We fought back the wild,
We took wood and land,
We dispersed the forest
till all t’was left was sand.

We built our towns
empires, large and strong,
from dark to feudal,
through the ages long.

We built great monuments
to our gods and our lords,
and in their name
our ‘enemies’ to the sword.

The banner of mankind
is red with blood,
from wars to strife
a crimson flood.

We tore apart the land
in our thirst for gold,
we fought for our greed
until we turned cold.

but as the forests burnt
another shall soon grow,
Mankind shalt persevere
as new fields, we sow,

and not all of man,
is a violent tapestry,
for we have great art,
music, and history.

and so, from start to end
till the very earth we rend,
we shall write upon our page
of the glorious time,
of Man’s Triumphant Rampage!

Adithyaa Raghavan

Hello Sunday!

This is one of my favorite works, written on 22 December 2013, speaking about Mankind’s time on earth and its effects. It has quite a simple message, but one that I feel is an important one. I thought this would be a good poem to start my blog off with, so there we go!

Signing out,



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