Poem: The Uncoming Day

The Uncoming Day

We humans tend to wait,
for many a year to come,
ticking on, till our time runs late,
waiting, for a sign or sum,

waiting for grand fortune,
waiting for Hogwart’s letter,
waiting for three boons,
waiting, for things to get better.

The eternal wheel of time,
cares not for petty whims,
tick and tock, the hours will chime,
till thy days grow dim.

there won’t be a tide,
there won’t be godly voices,
to us all, our hearts have lied,
and time alone flies.

hope is a feeling,
a bittersweet drop,
it makes the future appealing,
it wishes the pain to stop.

hope may be said as cruel,
your clock unwinds its tension,
till sans teeth, sucking gruel,
and waiting in lines to collect pension.

there is no other way,
there is no other path,
YOU must push forth from the bay,
else face regret’s wrath,

there is time already gone,
but with ‘hope’, not too far
strengthen your spirit ‘nd bone,
waste not the second nor the hour,

burn the internal candle,
light up the world,
buck up, don your mantle,
and show your spirited wings unfurled.

Adithyaa Raghavan


Hello Sunday!

Once again, one of my favorite works, The Uncoming Day. Human beings have this natural tendency to wait for things to occur, or to set one’s expectations on an external factor. “oh, this lotto ticket will surely win this time!” or “One of these days, I will start <exercising regularly/eating healthy/a new hobby/making friends>”. It is a bit of a rude wake up call, but in all likelihood, that one glorious day when the stars align and the clockwork of the universe chimes, will unfortunately never arrive. Deep in our hearts, we know this, but in a constant state of denial, we blame and mitigate the responsibility for events unoccured upon the actions of the reality.

It is simultaneously the easiest and hardest thing to overcome, for in order to accept the truth of the uncoming day, one must come to terms with one’s own mind. It feels very difficult to lever yourself out of your chair, and go do that unpleasant exercise routine, or paperwork filing, or whatever you must do, and it is extremely easy to reason why you should do it later, or not at all. You get into a rut of “Tomorrow I shall turn a new leaf” and when tomorrow shuffles indoors you promptly shift the burden to the next day. As with driving vehicles, the only way to move oneself out of a rut is set your teeth and floor the accelerator, thundering out of the gutter. In the wise words of S. Labeouf, “JUST DO IT!“.

When something must be done, you must be a hard master, and set your mood towards doing it quickly, efficiently, and as best as you can with a grin on your face. Life is simply not worth living when you have that constant sense of guilt towards uncompleted tasks, for it shall sour the wine and make the bread stale. The simple rule of whether you overcome your mind or not determines where you go in life.


Too Long:Didn’t Read- When something needs to be done, shut up and do it, it won’t go away otherwise.

Signing out,




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