Poem: Monday Morning Blues

Monday morning blue

not a shade or hue,
but a dreary time
to wake at clock’s chime.

It starts with pained groans,
and is followed by aching moans,
as one rises from bed,
feeling half past dead.

You have to go to work,
student, professional or clerk,
All lament the same
with a hangover to tame.

You know this is the start
of the week’s boring part
but then comes the end
which is just around the bend,

The festive weekend is here!

with rejoice and good cheer
we party the night away
until its once more Monday!


Hello Sunday!

So this poem was written by me on 01/02/2014 on request by my aunt. I like this poem because it is a funny piece about what we all have to face every week (some of us feel like it every day :P). I hope it brightened your day up 🙂

Signing off,



One thought on “Poem: Monday Morning Blues

  1. Good one. Nicely depicts the groans and pains of Monday morning blues. This however is not a problem for those lucky few whose passion becomes their profession. For them work is play and play is work. Hope you find one such avenues for yourself. God Bless


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