Poem: The Storm

The Storm

I remember that day clearly,
the only thing unclear was the sky,
browed with heavy grey eyes
as the heavens started to cry

the tempestuous elementals did storm forth
as they rended the skies asunder
with brilliant fire and thunder,
leaving mortals in their wake to flounder.

it seemed as if the aether was a-battle,
with raging demons clashing,
with turbulent spirits flashing,
and frenzied war gods smashing,

while earthlings scurry and hide,
the immortals make no sign to abide,
they rejoice in battle, their spirits rearing to fight
and battle they do, long into the night.

~Adithyaa Raghavan

Hello Sunday!

This is just a small poem I wrote on 23rd April 2015, after a particularly stormy bout of weather. Seeing that the current season is the monsoon with its incredible storms, I thought it would topical to post about typical tropical events. It isn’t anything deep, its just that the thought of lightning being the result of whats essentially a gargantuan sock treading across a heavenly carpet makes me feel rather tiny.

Signing off,




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