Poem: Modern Life

“Modern life”

WHIZZ! goes a speedy bike,
traffic flusters to and fro,
swerving, screeching, honking, shouting,
until to the next signal they go,

running like rabid rats,
squealing shrilly at the drop of a hat,
sedentary, fast food, unhealthy fat,
and behavior like a spoiled brat.

“Modern life!” “Its great” they said,
“Good Clothes, a Job & a Bed,”,
but little did they care to mention,
the hours of toil, stress and tension.

“Join the Future!” “15 work hours a week!”
but the future is here,
now back to work,
and the chances of sleep are bleak.

false lives, naught but duress,
devoid of peace, and of rest,
society itself makes you feel less,
and crushes the very soul within your breast.

moving, but not alive,
living, but not to thrive,
false joy, without relish,
existing, with nothing else.

running, at top speed,
fighting to stay in place,
ignoring the heart that bleeds,
part of the humanoid race.

So break away the chains!
of gold that you flaunt,
and free yourself of the pain,
of consuming and want.

Stop this cycle, this foolish chase,
and hereforth, begin the Human Raise,
To transcend boundaries, expand our vision,
And surpass the extents of outer space.

~Adithyaa Raghavan

Hello Sunday!

So, I’ve been working on some side projects, and I haven’t made any visually spectacular progress on 3D printer Eta, so here is an intermission to enjoy some poetry!

This poem was written by me on 14th March 2016, after a speeding motorbike nearly trimmed my whiskers. It’s a sad thing, but all our prophecies of having robots do all our work and only working a few hours a week seem to have vanished faster than a politician’s promises. If anything, life has gotten more hectic, and people get incredibly stressed by it. Even after returning home you can still be easily summoned to work extra by an email from your boss. Social interactions seem to have become rather shallow, and deep lifelong friendships are all but a thing of the past. If that isn’t bad enough, online shopping has successfully distilled the method to milking the aspiring nature of the middle class.

We seem developed a rather unhealthy mentality, where material goods and flaunted wealth is used to weigh the worth of an individual and family. We’re stuck in a rut of constant consumption, constant debt, and constantly running like a rat in a wheel trying to get a step further. I’m not sure how we can solve this, but its evident that this isn’t going to do us any good.

Have a nice week,

Signing off,



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