Poem: A walk in the Park

Towering tress standing tall,
me at their base, feeling very small,
A green blanket, draped over
lush and leafy laden bowers.

A sleek jet black crow caws,
symphonically with mynas and jackdaws,
A still green lizard darts forth
in the yellow and brown earth.

The wings of the wind play their song,
through the hard bamboo, thin and long,
Mounds of leaves scattered around,
green to yellow, to dusty brown.

The circle of life is plain to see,
and here to enjoy, for you and me.


Hello Sunday!

A short poem for today, about when I decided to venture outside the other day. I went to the park, lovely place, somewhat fresh air, great graphics, not so great story line or NPCs. I wrote this poem exactly 8 months ago, Feb 9th. What, is that not called just a few days ago? Well, it is in the grand cosmological scale of things.

I probably need to go out more often.

Signing off,



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