Poem: Fortresses in the sky

Fortress in the Sky

Castles of ether,
floating in the sky,
lofty above those nether,
as they serenely fly by.

White & puffy,
Dark & gloomy,
Grey & mighty,
Clear & roomy,

Different shapes,
Sizes & all,
from ridiculously huge,
to tiny and small,

These fortresses float,
far, up high,
and when laden with water,
down they cry.

Where ymir blows,
comes frosty snow,
or down to the south,
here the swelling rivers flow

They swim unheard,
through the moonlight,
till they thunder away,
and light up the night.


Hello Sunday!

Welcome to possibly the most air-headed of my poems, but that’s because it is about clouds! Gets your blood pumping, doesn’t it? At the time, I was walking home with my head in the clouds, wondering about how incredibly massive they were, and how they only appeared small and puffy as the Pillsbury doughboy because they were so far away. The only time we really respect them is when they’re loud and angry, again like the Pillsbury doughboy, but now more like the one at the end of Ghostbusters.

See thee next week,

Signing off,



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