Project: FFF 3D Printer “Eta” Test print Timelapse

Hello, Sunday!

We meet once more, this time to spectate the video of mine 3D printer, Eta, printing a tiny calibration cube.

It still has room for improvement, but what do you think?


One thought on “Project: FFF 3D Printer “Eta” Test print Timelapse

  1. I saw this video twice and was amazed at how it works. I shall once again repeat what I said in my mail to you because my heart bursts with pride at what you have done. The text of my mail below repeated for the benefit of other subscribers.

    “Dear Adithyaa
    Kudos, Hurray, Splendid, Shabaash. I run short of words at your achievement. Your diligence, patience, understanding of the technology and innovative ways to make do with what is available amazes me. What a shining example you are to the other young men and women of your age.

    We are looking forward to a live demo but before a video demo of your printer, also the timelapse of the printer doing its job.

    I have a feeling that given half-a-chance you will quickly be snapped by big companies who will more than willingly offer you a fat salary to have you on their rolls. I think our PM must be shown this asap. I am sure his heart will burst with pride.

    Lots of love.
    Jayaram Tatha”

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