Clambering on upon the fractal trunk

Clambering up the tree,
I pause, hugging the trunk,
and reminisce, as time flies,
seeing how far I’ve come,

The roots are far, earthbound,
set in steadfast soil,
and I stare at the long knurled path,
with human hands gripping the bark.

These hands of mine, my body machine,
The bless’d chariot to carry me,
as I float for eternity,
climbing up under the starry sea

I tear my gaze from the ground,
and crane my neck, glancing up,
The trunk stands tall, old oak,
piercing the horizon, a wheel spoke,

Fractal branches, fracturing in the sky,
at each end, a fate of mine lies,
I know not the end, nor the path,
and I clamber on, through the clouds dark.

The multitude of leaves shine and glimmer,
Iridescent, bright, pastel, and shimmer,
each leaf a goal, a life to the end,
where the body is left, and the soul ascends.



Hello, fellow followers!

Life is no easy parade for any of us, invariably we humans have a tendency to bring ourselves up to the level of our problems, or perhapsĀ  it would be better said as “each person rises up to the height of their inefficiency”, but I feel even that falls short of describing the issue. Safe to say, we all have our worry-line engraving events, and no shortage of concerns.

I’ve been a little quiet on this medium as of late, life’s been catching up in more ways than one, and in it I wrote this poem a few months back. You can’t know the future, besides what subjective predictions you make, but even then in the face of absolute uncertainty in a tumultuous time, you must keep moving on, forward unto dawn. While stewing in my mind, I was reminded of an excerpt by Sylvia Plath, illustrated here in by skilled Gavin Aung Than.

Zen Pencils – Sylvia Plath: The Fig Tree

The takeaway here is, life spares no one, if you ain’t got it tough, then further down will be rough. Keep on moving forward, and never stop learning.

See you soon,




(cover image created using



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