Drawing: The three ghosts

The 3 ghosts of a modern man

Hello Sunday!

I just wanted to update you all with my thoughts about my prior upload, the Uncoming day. It occurs to me that we all have our spirits which haunt us, nagging feelings about things we would rather ignore and hope they go away, but like the unhappy scrooges we are, I doubt they would. We all have past regrets, present concerns, and future worries, no matter how small or gargantuan they are or might seem. It is hard indeed to accept them, for even without reading this, you know that past regrets are unchangeable by worry, present concerns will remain no matter how much you ponder, and future worries seem to grow ever more daunting with each passing moment. Yet, you cannot pass the pantomimic wall in your mind which will grant you peace.

However, if you are ever to have tranquility within yourself, you must face these sorrowful spirits and vanquish them. To overcome yourself, isn’t as much as defeating the other side of your own mind, as much as it is to unify with the other side through peaceful diplomacy and mutual understanding.

Past regrets cannot be assuaged by anything but reconciliation with fact that it is as unchangeable as the mountains that passed you by on a train. Live in the present, learn to look at every single thing around you with a sense of gratitude for its existence, and learn to be thankful for the minute cosmic coincidences that brought you to this particular place in space and time. Every thing that you have done in your life has contributed towards who you are today, for better or worse. Every single moment of your life will be passed through each of the three ghosts.

The important part now is to see how you can gleefully greet the rising sun, while peacefully bidding the setting moon goodbye.

Signing out,