Project: FFF 3D Printer “Eta” Part 4 & Jewellery work

Hello Sunday!

So this week, I’ve continued machining out the wood parts for Eta. I spent a goodly bit of time, just marking and sawing out each and ever little bit of wood. This is about half of them, and around a quarter of the total wood work for Eta.

For each component I have to measure, mark and cut out around 3-5 parts, and make sure that they’re all accurate or the inaccuracies will pile up and cause the machine as a whole to become less precise. I could have gotten a lot of work saved by laser cutting the parts out, but I’m trying to keep costs down. I’ve also got to redo some of the parts due to flaws or inaccuracies in machining, so that takes more time. I’ll upload details about each component later, once they’ve been assembled.

On another front, I like doing jewellery work, especially wire work, using metals like stainless steel and copper. Take a look at some of my previous work,

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I make my jewellery using just basic hand tools, and I tend towards a minimalist style, to bring out elegance through either homogeneity or contrast. I’m considering the possibility of expanding my jewellery design work, so stay tuned if you’re interested.

That’s all for this week, hopefully by next week i should have finished the majority of Eta’s woodwork, and we can get to the fun parts of blending the electrical muscle to the mechanical skeleton.

Signing off,